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Capture the essence of a landscape is the goal of the Wisconsin artists, Joe Kiefer. The 31-year-old painter was raised in the small town of Glidden, Wisconsin. Joe learned to appreciate nature through his father who depends on the forest for his career as a logger. Joe spent most of his youth fishing, hunting, and exploring the vast forest found in the area. At a young age, Joe learned to express his ideas through art from his instructor, Brian Long.

Joe began his education in the field of wildlife biology at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. While pursing this career, Joe was able to work for the Forest Service in the Chequamegon National Forest. He was also able to work with the UW-Stevens Point Elk Reintroduction Project in the Clam Lake, Wisconsin area.

The desire to make art became too overwhelming for Joe and led him to pursue his career in art. While attending UW-Stevens Point, Joe was had the opportunity to work with the landscape painter, Diane Bywaters-Canfield. Joe eventually transferred to UW-Madison and graduated in 2002 with an art education degree. While living in Madison, Joe learned traditional techniques of painting and drawing from Madison Area Technical College instructors Chris Gargan and John Ribble. While studying with these artists, Joe learned painting methods of artist such as Rembrandt, Turner, Monet, Pissarro, and Poortvliet.

Joe has worked diligently to capture the essence of the scenery he has experienced in his life. He hopes that others can relate to his encounters in nature and see all its beauty even if they cannot see these magnificent places in person.

Joe is currently teaching elementary art in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. His artwork can be viewed at the art fairs listed under schedule and upon request.